Keith Dawson

Keith and his family moved to Allegan from California in 1994. He is very grateful to this community for accepting him and his ideas on what building and remodeling should be.

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Matt’s Home Improvements

Matt started to work with DRL in 2002 as an employee. He came to us as a framer with energy to spare and a great work ethic. During the several years that Matt worked for us he developed his skills as a remodeler and became invaluable as framer, drywaller, trim carpenter, tile setter and general foreman. He decided to break out on his own to form a small company but enjoys the atmosphere and camaraderie at DRL and is always available to help us out and bring his unique talents to our projects.


Jack Dailey

Precision Carpentry

Jack is well known in Allegan County as the man with the guitar. A great singer, an accomplished musician but DRL appreciates him for being the wood maven. Jack likes to sail, cook, play 6 string guitar and pedal steel but when it comes to trim carpentry we call on him to perform his art.


Clint Wheeler

Paragon Renovations

Clint came to work for us in 2002 as a young man recently graduated from high school. He loved the hard physical work of building log homes but there were adventures to be had in the world and he followed that calling. Clint developed a talent for design and we call on him to help us with our small additions and decks. He still loves the physical side of our business and is always willing to help us to bring our projects in on time but our new program, Chief Architect, has fired his imagination.


Yuliya Kononova

Williams Design Studio

Yuliya was born and grew up in Eastern Russia. She came to the USA with a Bachelor of Architecture from Vladivostok and moved to the Grand Rapids area in 2002. She is a single mother with 2 children, Katya and Nicolai, a pig called Lily, a Blue Heeler, a cat, several reptiles and a huge talent for design. Yuli has been the driving force behind DRL’s development as a kitchen and bath remodeler and if you haven’t met her yet... you should.


Seth Hough

W.S. Hough Inc, Design Services

Seth received a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental design at the University of Houston. Seth and DRL first worked together in 1999 on a project in Allegan involving a relocation of an historic home across the bridge and up towards the hospital. This left room to expand and remodel the house next door. This was a complicated project and required careful monitoring and planning during which time Seth and Keith developed a good working relationship. Seth has designed all of the major projects for DRL since that time. Seth now splits his time between projects in Houston and West Michigan and is in such demand that he is frequently burning the midnight oil.


Jeanne Jager

Jeanne began working for us in 2017 as our bookkeeper and says the best part of her life is her husband and children. She has 4 children and one grandchild. Her favorite things to do include remodeling her own home and quilting. She loves talking to Keith about your projects and getting his insight into all her own projects. Job perks :)